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Reverso selection software 

Designed for professionals in the sector 
The fan coil selection software  Reverso is a very useful tool for heat engineers and designers as it allows you to calculate the heat output in summer conditioning in just a few steps.  and  in Winter heating.  
The simulation is done by default with the EUROVENT test conditions, it is possible to change the temperature of the carrier fluid at will to simulate the use of any generator, whether it is an old traditional or condensing boiler or low and high heat pumps. temperature .  

The software is particularly useful for simulating,
for example, the replacement of traditional radiators with Reverso fan coils without having to change the existing pipes in the system . The software is able indeed  to calculate the pressure drops on the water side and then for the designer to check the working point of the system's circulation pumps.
The software also allows you to select all the accessories accompanying the various product lines and allows you to draw up estimates for your customers in an editable and customizable format with your company logo.
If you are a designer, register in the contact form below and you will immediately have access to the free software with which you can immediately carry out your technical simulations.  
Fill out the form and download the free software 
After sending you will have access to the page to download the product selection software 
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