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Reverso fan coil

design fan coils

Reverso FS  

Low wall and ceiling fan coil 

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Wall installation 

Fan Coil Reverso FS

Reverso FS floor and ceiling fan coils 

Reverso FS fan coils are installed on low walls, floors and ceilings; the various functions, heating, cooling, dehumidification and purification are ideal for air conditioning your home both in summer and in winter.
The high thermal power of the Reverso fan coil makes it an ideal product for poorly insulated houses in class G and very insulated houses in class A. 
The product is available in 4 different sizes, it can be installed to replace the old radiators with 12 mm copper pipes, using a water delta T of 20 ° C (typical of boilers), or with pipes with a diameter of 16 and 20 mm for a delta T of 5 ° C (typical of heat pumps). 

Fan Coil Reverso FS

Reverso FS floor and ceiling fan coils 

Reverso FS fan coils are designed to last over time, under some of the construction features that differentiate Reverso fan coils from traditional products on the market:


  • Real thickness of only 12 cm, the thinnest on the market 

  • Upper grids in extruded and painted aluminum 

  • Tangential fan in aluminum 

  • Touch screen controls with Wi-Fi as standard on the entire range 

  • Controls can be positioned on the machine or on the wall 

  • Full DC Inverter motors consume only 4 watts 

  • Microwave filters in stainless steel 

  • Inaudible silence of the product, only 20 db (A)

  • Structure in galvanized and painted metal resistant to salt spray corrosion

  • Front panel in tempered glass 

  • Optional radiant panels 

  • Complete range of accessories for any installation need  


All the features of the
Air conditioners without external unit
  inVISE Water 


Summer cooling 


Winter heating 

Funzione idronica.jpg

Right - left reversible connections 


Summer dehumidification 


Purification - ventilation 

Wi-fi APP.jpg

WI-FI and Optional App management 

Technical data of the product  


  • Recommended environment from 10 to 40 m2 

  • Thermal power from 1 to 4.5 kw (in hot and cold) 

  • Ultra quiet only 20 db (A) 

  • Real thickness 12 cm (the thinnest of its category) 

  • Full flat panel without front grids 

  • Panel made of tempered glass crystal 

  • Upper grille in extruded aluminum 

  • Machine body in galvanized steel and painted with epoxy powders 

  • Touch screen controls with or without Wi-Fi 

  • Low consumption DC Inverter motors 

  • Tangential fan in aluminum 

  • Low wall installation 

  • CE certified product 

  • Certified product  RoHS 

  • Modern design 

  • High efficiency water or water and glycol heat exchanger coils 

  • Efficiency class A +++

  • Stainless steel filters 

  • Optional antibacterial filters 

  • Optional 2 - 3 way valves 

  • 2-pipe and 4-pipe installation optional with kit 

  • Optional radiant front panel 

  • Optional ground fixing feet 

  • Reversible installation without added accessories 

  • Optional ceiling installation 

  • Rear glass for installation in front of glazed surfaces 

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