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Discover all the benefits 
heating and air conditioning with Reverso residential fan coils 
Tax deduction of 65% - Thermal account and Super bonus of 110%.
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Advantages you can have 
The best match for heat pumps
Reverso fan coils are the best combination with heat pumps as they are hydronic terminals that work at low temperatures and therefore maximize seasonal performance.      (SCOP) of the heat pump. You use them all year round, both for hot and cold and also to dehumidify in mid-seasons.
pompa di calore + fan coil Reverso
example of split heat pump 

The Reverso fan coils are up to 5 times
more performing than traditional radiators

5 (five)  times more powerful than any water or electric radiator of the same size and in addition it can also cool off in summer 
fan coil Reverso rende 5 volte di più del radiatore

Reverso fan coils allow you to improve the efficiency of your boiler
condensation of

The traditional radiator makes you lose the performance of your new condensing boiler because it doesn't work well at low temperatures.
Many plumbers replace the traditional boiler with new condensing ones which are more efficient, but few tell you that to maintain the high efficiency of the boiler, the return water must be below 50 ° C to allow the fumes to condense. Only a low temperature fan coils like Reverso is able to work even with water at 35 ° C and allows you to obtain the efficiency of your new boiler above 105%, guaranteeing short times for reaching the desired temperature and power in the room. thermal up to 5 times higher than any water or electric radiator with electrical consumption of only 5 watts. 
Rendimento caldaia a condensazione con fan coil Reverso.jpg

Reverso fan coils are also an excellent match for radiant systems because
they improve its defects

Radiant systems 
great thermal inertia 
Not suitable for cooling in the summer 
impianto radiante + reverso hw.png
The radiant system is not suitable for cooling in the summer  .
Many manufacturers or installers of radiant systems also recommend this technical solution for summer cooling, creating very complex systems equipped with dehumidifiers and VMC to compensate for the technical limitations of radiant systems. Radiant systems have a great thermal inertia and are  unable to react quickly to variable loads, moreover, working at high temperatures in summer they do not dehumidify the air. The Reverso HW line was created as a support for radiant systems to cool down in summer and dehumidify, guaranteeing the required comfort.

Simple and economical Reverso fan coil system

Heat pump system +
Reverso fan coils.
impianto a pompa di calore e fan coil Reverso
Simple things are those that last over time  
The Reverso heat pump and fan coil system is a simple system that allows you to have ideal comfort all year round.  Great  savings during the construction phase of the system and energy savings at the top of the category. The simplicity of the system confers reliability and durability over time with zero maintenance costs. 
Standard on the entire range of touch screen controls  
and Wi-Fi commands to manage your system
how you want and where you want 
termostati per fan coil Reverso
App Wi-Fi per termostato fan coil Reverso
The secret that many plumbers don't tell

The Reverso fan coils, combined with the heat pumps, are an excellent comfort solution for your home that you can create with great ease of installation and installation.  and a very low cost.

The comfort  and the homogeneity of temperature in the environment is higher than or equal to that of systems with radiant panels, both on the floor and on the ceiling / wall. The advantage is that with a single product it is possible to cool in summer, heat in winter, dehumidify and treat the air from impurities and bacteria.

The reaction speed of the system is immediate unlike radiant systems, it is possible to manage every room in your home with different temperatures, all manageable with a convenient App.

The Reverso fan coils are also the best match for condensing boilers  as they work with low temperature water. The condensing boiler, to keep the high  efficiency, they must not use water at 60-65 ° C like traditional boilers. The low water temperature causes the normal radiators to lose more than 40% of yield which should be replaced with much larger and in any case inefficient models.  . With Reverso fan coils it is possible to have 5 times more yield  of the traditional radiator of the same size. By sizing the correct machine for your environment it is possible to maintain high seasonal SCOP and SEER performances of the heat pump and access the 2.0 thermal counter or the 110% super bonus.


Reverso is the thinnest fan coils on the market today with noiselessness and reduced consumption thanks to the full DC inverter technology, unrivaled in the European air conditioning panorama.

Zymbo designs, manufactures and directly distributes its products on the market to end customers by guaranteeing  the best value for money. 

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A single Design for all your environments 
Only Reverso offers you the full range of fan convectors applicable to all your rooms, including the bathroom, with a unique style and design, let's discover it together.

REVERSO HW wall-mounted fancoil 

Reverso HW for high wall installation, equipped with LCD display and remote control. Useful for improving the performance of your radiant system both in summer and in winter.

REVERSO BT bathroom fancoil 

Reverso BT, the only radiant effect fan coil designed for the bathroom, made with a degree of protection   IPX4, 3 times more performing than a normal radiator of the same size.

REVERSO SM floor-mounted fancoil 

Reverso SM, low wall installation, double-sided panel for a pleasant installation even in front of glass walls. Its low profile allows it to be installed even under low positioned windows and front windows.

REVERSO FS floor-standing fancoil 

Reverso FS, low wall installation, great power in just 12 cm thickness. Full flat panel like the whole range, without ugly and unsightly front grids. Powerful in summer and winter.

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