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The quality of your air, our mission.
Condizionatore senza unità esterna Zymbo
The only one designed for historic centers and condominiums 
Discover all the benefits 
to air-condition  and heat with a unique product 
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Advantages you can have 
No external aesthetic impact  
Thanks to the invisible external grilles, Zymbo air conditioners can be installed anywhere because they comply with the laws of decoration of historic centers, condominiums and cities of art. Do not  ruin the aesthetics and value of your home! 
Decoro della facciata grazie ai condizionatori senza unità esterna Zymbo
Quick and easy to install  ​
Zymbo air conditioners without external unit are easy to install because they do not require the F-GAS license. The private individual with skills in DIY, the electrician or the bricklayer can install the machines independently by making two simple holes in the wall . In one morning maximum 4 hours the installation is already finished!
Dima per il montaggio dei condizionatori senza unità esterna Zymbo
Total comfort all year round 
Our heat pumps allow you to keep warm in winter and cool in summer and use them for  every need for comfort. Thanks to their high efficiency  you can save   up to 30% on your gas or electricity bill  thanks to the double Class A.
Request optional Wi-Fi device to manage  
your air conditioner with your Smart Phone
wherever you are 
Wi-FI per condizionatori senza unità esterna Zymbo

The air conditioners without external unit designed and produced by Zymbo represent the ideal solution for air conditioning homes in historic centers because  they comply with all condominium regulations. They also find excellent application in condominiums as they respect the rules and guarantee the decorum of the building.  

They are easy to install and require no special maintenance. Unlike split-type machines, they do not require the F-GAS license for their installation, so even the private individual is able to install them autonomously.

With our air conditioners you will no longer have the inconvenient box on the terrace or unsightly pipes running around the house, the installation is clean, tidy and done in a flash.

Zymbo designs, manufactures and directly distributes its products on the market to end customers by guaranteeing  the best value for money. 

The secret that many plumbers don't tell
Discover the right model for you 
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We have thought of all installation needs to make this experience easy and uncompromising for you.
Prices from 
749 euros + VAT 
(Installation excluded) 
detrazione del 50 % sui condizionatori senza unità esterna

ICOOL model, the only monobloc without outdoor unit designed for high wall installation thanks to its super compact dimensions.

inVISE Water, the only monobloc without external unit which, thanks to its double internal coil, can be installed in place of the radiator without losing its function.

WZ-32 is the monobloc without external unit of great power, it is used for large rooms and high thermal loads.

Metropolitan, monobloc without external unit, small, compact and essential designed for those looking for a product with a low price but great performance.

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Zymbo Italia SRL  VAT number 03835790985  REA BS 567017

The quality of your air, our mission.




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