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The air conditioner without external unit that
replaces the radiator thanks to the double exchangers 

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Wall installation 

inVISE WATER is the air conditioner without external unit for installation and low wall. Its peculiarity consists in the presence of an internal water battery capable of replacing the radiator. This solution is particularly useful when the small size of the rooms creates a problem in the  find the correct place for its installation. 9000 BTU / h suitable up to 25 m2. Connected to the boiler circuit it allows to compensate for the loss of efficiency in heat when the external temperatures are very critical, below freezing, guaranteeing comfort and energy saving in all climatic conditions. combine practicality and comfort even in limited spaces and makes them  the only valid system for air conditioning homes in historic centers and condominiums. The inVise water air conditioner without external unit is designed to replace the radiator thanks to the double battery.

Air conditioners without external unit inVISE water 

The air conditioners without outdoor unit inVISE water  they are air conditioners without external motor, that is without the external machine present in traditional split air conditioners and are installed without the F-GAS license.
Air conditioners without external motors find their natural application in historic centers and condominiums because they comply with condominium and municipal laws.

All the features of the
Air conditioners without external unit
  inVISE Water 


Summer cooling 


Winter heating 

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Hydronic heating such as fan coil


Summer dehumidification 


Purification - ventilation 

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WI-FI and Optional App management 

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Technical data

  • Recommended environment 25 m2

  • Dimensions (D x E x C): 1000 x 580 x 230 mm

  • 2.73 - 2.63  Kw of thermal power (in hot and cold) equal to 9000 BTU / h

  • 2.5 Thermal Kw in fan coil operation with connection to the boiler (Water at 65 ° C) 

  • 0.5 Thermal Kw in static operation 

  • 160 mm diameter installation holes

  • Flexible grid for installation from inside 

  • Invisible grid for complex installations optional 

  • Ease of installation you do not need the F-gas license 

  • Maximum silence ideal for hotels 

  • CE certified product 

  • RoHs Certified Product 

  • Compact size 

  • Solid and functional design 

  • Ecological gas R32 

  • Double efficiency class A (A / A) 

  • Wi-fi Optional 

  • Optional antibacterial filters  



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