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iCOOL air conditioner without external unit

Air conditioner without external unit 
All in one - Unique in everything 

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Wall installation 

iCOOL is the most compact air conditioner without external motor in heat pump on the market. It was born exclusively for  a high wall installation, such as traditional split air conditioners. Its high wall installation facilitates its  positioning inside the rooms being usually free from furniture. The product is suitable for medium-small rooms of about 15-20 m2 for poorly insulated houses without external coatings.

It has a thermal power both in cooling and in heating of 8000 BTU / h equal to about 2.35 Kwh. Thanks to the heat pump, the iCOOL air conditioner without external unit is used in winter to heat in mid-seasons and cool and dehumidify in summer.


Air conditioners without iCOOL outdoor unit 

ICOOL air conditioners without external unit are air conditioners without external motor, that is without the external machine present in traditional split air conditioners and are installed without the F-GAS license.
Air conditioners without external motors find their natural application in historic centers and condominiums because they comply with condominium and municipal laws.

All the features of the
Air conditioners without external unit


Summer cooling 


Winter heating in mid-season 


Summer dehumidification 


Purification - ventilation 

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WI-FI and Optional App management 


Technical data


  • Recommended environment 15-20 m2

  • Dimensions (A x B x C): 950 x 430 x 195 mm 

  • 2.45 Kw and 2.36 Kw of thermal power (in hot and cold) 

  • Invisible installation 

  • High wall installation like a normal split 

  • Double flap for air distribution 

  • Easy installation without F-Gas license 

  • Maximum silence 

  • CE certified product 

  • Certified product  RoHs 

  • Ultra size  compact only 190 mm thick 

  • Modern design 

  • Ecological gas R32

  • Efficiency class  double class A (A / A) 

  • Holes in the wall of 200 mm 

  • Wi-fi optional 

  • Optional antibacterial filters  



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