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Air conditioners without external unit

Air conditioners without external unit

Zymbo is simple .One room.One unit.

Zymbo Italia monobloc air conditioners 

Zymbo is simple. One room. One unit.

Zymbo Italia monobloc air conditioners without outdoor unit are created to solve specific installation needs. They can be installed where split type air conditioners are prohibited and are an easy solution to install because they do not require the F-Gas license. They are used in historic centers, in condominiums, in hotels such as  Hotel and B&B and in the modular building.

The Zymbo range consists of four different product lines to meet installation and thermal power needs. 

Air conditioners without outdoor unit VS split air conditioner    

Many people have at least  one of these problems:

Many people would like to air-condition their home with an efficient and ecological product, which allows them to cool in summer and heat in winter, but this is not always possible or easy to solve. If you also have at least one of these problems, Zymbo air conditioners without external unit, being made without the external motor, can solve them. 

The law on architectural decoration prohibits the installation of outdoor split units .

The law on architectural decoration prohibits the installation of external units both on the facade and on the terraces of condominiums and houses in historic centers. In addition to being an obvious aesthetic problem, the installation of heavy machinery placed cantilevered on the facades entails a civil liability of the owner of the property for the presence of suspended loads which in the event of breakage of the anchoring plugs could also compromise the safety of people. who stand under such  machinery.  

Both the regional and municipal councils in the latter have given an absolute stop to this type of installations because they cannot comply  the rules set out above.

Furthermore, the presence of anti-aesthetic bins as well as being a clear violation of the laws in force also determine a depreciation of the value of the property itself.

Why lose your handsome  terrace ? 

The only position where it is possible to easily install the outdoor unit of the split, even for subsequent maintenance, is the terrace but this involves the inevitable loss of use. The plants, if present, are hit by the flow of hot air or cold that will inevitably make them wither before their time.

In hotels / hotels, guests love to take a breath of fresh air outside and installing outdoor units on the terrace makes guests of the structure lose this benefit with repercussions on the reviews of the structure itself.

Furthermore, closed terraces present the problem of not allowing the split unit to be aired correctly, creating overheating of the components in the summer with a loss of efficiency and reducing its useful life.

Avoid expensive and dangerous maintenance!

Often the external units of the split to avoid all these limitations and problems are installed in positions that are not only uncomfortable and difficult to access but in some cases also dangerous.

In some cases, assistance and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance will be very inconvenient and expensive for the use of mobile platforms for the safety of operators in the sector.  

This is another aspect that must be carefully considered when choosing the type of machine to use.

Air conditioners without outdoor unit the solution to the problem 

Zymbo air conditioners without external motor are the solution to these problems and can give you many other advantages, let's find out together.

INVISIBLE installation for compliance with all condominium and municipal laws on decoration 

Yes, thanks to the invisible and non-visible external grids, the monobloc machines without an external unit allow you to comply with all condominium and municipal laws.

Your terrace will never be occupied by the unsightly outdoor unit and you can comfortably hold your plants.

The value of your property will be maintained, even better still enhanced.

Look on the side at the images of the external impact of our machines, practically nil.

Easy installation even without the F-GAS license and zero maintenance

Zymbo monobloc machines are easy to install, you make two simple holes in the wall and hang the machine like a picture on its metal bracket. There is no need to work outside the house, all installation is done from the inside.

The machines do not require special maintenance such as splits, it is sufficient to clean the filters once a season to ensure good air quality inside your room.

Easy to install, easy to maintain, one machine per room allows you to have ideal comfort all year round  in summer and winter and to maintain the correct level of humidity in your environment.

Very simple systems for accommodation and hotels. One Room - One Unit .

Unlike the complex VRV-VRF systems, Zymbo monobloc machines allow unparalleled plant simplicity.  

It's possible  build a structure of 10-20 rooms in a week without stopping the structure even for a day. The advantage compared to VRF - VRV systems are substantially the cost of the initial investment, management over time, in practice the machines are activated in the rooms occupied by guests and one is not forced to activate a large centralized system when the occupied rooms are few. inside the structure.

A great advantage is the safety due to the risk of gas leaks in the guest rooms that position the systems with monobloc and hydronic machines with water-powered fan coils the safest machines.

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Air conditioners without Zymbo outdoor unit  

The wide range of air conditioners without external motor allows you to have the correct solution for every need of your customers.

Air conditioner without outdoor unit 
Design and quite operation in only 16 cm thickness 

Air conditioner without external unit for one  installation and low wall 
Suitable for 20-25 rooms  m2.
Thermal power 9000 BTU / h
Versions with VRC system (variable refrigerant circuit) and Inverter
Refined design, super compact dimensions only 100 x 50 cm 
Also available  with active ESP anti Covid filters and versions for polar climates with external temperatures of -15 ° C 

Read more >

Air conditioners without iCOOL outdoor unit 
Refined design - Thickness only 19 cm - High wall installation 

Air conditioner without external unit for one  installation and high wall 
Suitable for rooms of up to 15-20 m2.
Thermal power 8000 BTU / h.
Refined design, super compact dimensions only 95 x 43 x 19 cm 
iCOOL is the only air conditioner without external unit on the market designed for high wall installation, in this way it is easy to find its location, inside the rooms.

Air conditioners without outdoor unit WZ-32 
Air conditioner without external motor of great thermal power for large environments 

Monobloc air conditioner for large rooms, up to 35-40 m2 . This machine is the most powerful on the market with its real 12,000 BTU / h . It is used for living rooms for shops and environments subject to strong thermal load. The machine is also equipped with a back up resistance to increase the heat output in winter when the outside temperatures go below zero. It was created for a low wall installation but it can also be installed in shops on a high wall or above the shop windows. 

Air conditioners without external unit inVISE water 
The air conditioner without external unit that replaces the home radiator

Monobloc air conditioner without external unit for one  installation and low wall. Its peculiarity consists in the presence of a double battery, one of which is water capable of replacing the radiator. This solution is particularly useful when the small size of the rooms creates a problem in finding the correct place for its installation. The double battery also serves  to increase performance by adding the hydronic power to that of the heat pump; this function is very useful in poorly insulated houses with low efficiency classes or in areas with  very cold climates.  9000 BTU / h suitable up to 25 m2.

Metropolitan air conditioners without external unit 
Essential product - Hot and Cold at a very affordable price

Essential and economical monobloc air conditioner. Designed for customers who need substance, heat and cold at the right time. Its essential line makes it the ideal product for B&B, student houses, second homes  . Thermal power up to 9000 BTU / h suitable for rooms up to 20-25 m2.

The advantages of Zymbo Monobloc air conditioners do not stop there, let's find out more!

  • Zymbo heat pumps are in double class A and make you save up to 40% on your electricity and gas bills.

  • Thanks to the special design and insulation used in the automotive sector, our products guarantee maximum comfort in its product category.

  • All our machines use the latest generation R32 ecological gas.

  • All machines are 50% deductible with the building renovation bonus.

  • Zymbo makes installment payments starting from 20 euros / month for individuals.

  • If you are a company, Zymbo offers you a 100% deductible rent for you service, if you want to know more click on this link: Rent for You Zymbo 

  • If you need the installation service including contact us we will direct you to qualified installers of our national network.

  • We remind you that you can install the Zymbo range yourself because you do not need the F-GAS license. 

  • You can use the machines all year round for both heating / cooling and dehumidifying. 

  • Thanks to the handy Wi-Fi accessory you can manage the machines with your smart phone. 

  • Zymbo machines respect the decorum and the laws of all condominiums and historic centers, you don't have to worry about this.

  • Our machines require zero maintenance.

  • Directly from the manufacturer to the final customer, this is why our value for money is unbeatable. 

  • Many customers have leaned on us with satisfaction, read the reviews here: Customer Reviews 

  • If you want to get an idea of the type of installation click on this link: Zymbo Installations 

Read the reviews on our product and service here
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